Thursday, February 14, 2013

Please Forgive Those Who Murder The Civilians Of Palestine

The Israeli army has no shame in waging war against those civilians in Gaza, they like to think they do little harm among the civilian populace. But since Gaza is a dense area in terms of population, Israelis often kill many civilians including children. An 11 month old infant was burned to death by the "moral" army of the nationl of Israel. A 3 years old little girl was murdered at her home.

They may have a different attitude about murder, but when it comes to practice, they are no different. I do not claim to loving those who murder my family and my friends in Gaza, I can only ask God to forgive them and forgive us for what we humans do to one another.

Maher Zain delivered a song with a punch about forgiveness and making mistakes.
Maher Zain - Forgive Me | Official Lyrics Video


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