Friday, February 22, 2013

With "Al-Mohareb", Mc Dahab Delivers The Most Accurate Warrior Song

If war games ever needed a theme, song then those game designers have finally found the just the perfect song  for their game. Egypt's most prolific rapper delivered a very personal song, he has told me that he won't record the song until he feels inspired to channel to complex emotions the song is all about. The song starts in a romantic set up and happy music, till the thunder strikes.

Well, that time has finally come and Mc Dahab recorded this epic war song about a guy who has fought but fighting is not in his nature. A song about a warrior who fought for God and country, yet finds the safest place when he is close to his mother and she talks to him about standing for what's right. She asks him not to go forward with his plans, but he must go...and not even a letter form his sweetheart would slow him down. The homeland came knocking and he would answer to call of duty.

Mc Dahab describes the battle so beautifully like I am watching an ward winning war movie, he buries other warriors like he is on cruise control. Then comes the news to his family, your son was killed fighting for his country, this is an honorable death, they said. They brought back the coffin, and the flag, there were no dry eye in the house.

I know the song is a little dark, but those are very dark times for many Arabs and the rapper has captured such mood with his creative and fresh take on war, honor and love. I was moved and inspired as I listened to this song for the third time. The artist is a naturals lover, but he cannot say not to what will be the end of him, his poetic lyrics make sense of the things we say and the things we do not say in such circumstances. 

Mc Dahab | " Al - Mohareb " - " ام سى دهب | " المحارب


  1. و الله انا فخور انك مصرى