Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Toni Qattan Sends #Palestine His Heartfelt Song

Toni Qattan has made a lot of music videos, but the one he has made and will always be a relevant track is his songs for Palestine. Each time Israeli feels testy and bombs the hell out of Gaza, songs like those seem hot once again.

While not romancing on camera some models, Tony  shows his true colors and sing to where his heart. This socially responsible star has been taking the Jordanian farther than most of he peers have in years.

To his credit, Toni has always been close to Palestine, not only does he perform there often, he visits often and some of his family is from there. This song talks about the fallen and the children who find ways to resist a brutal occupation. Nothing screams Palestine like a good looking man in khakis and an all Palestinian Kufyah

Toni Qattan - Rah Terja' Falastin / طوني قطان - رح ترجع فلسطين


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