Thursday, February 21, 2013

WATCH: Haitham Al Shomali Wings It- Na' W Za' / هيثم الشوملي - نق و زق

Haitham Al Shomali likes to wing all things in life, including the girl he likes but unsure if he wants to make the move. Sounds like something strange, but this is the feeling I get form this manly and hairy singer. He likes to party and play cards with the buddies. But he is having issues with his lady...and he dares to tell the world about it. Haitham was one of the pioneers who took part of the Super Star third season right before it was taken over by the Star Academy company.

He is a Palestinian singer from Lebanon who despite tough circumstance he found his own path in a place that has some identity crisis. He has an album out from which this song was taken. I like his groovy style and care free. Haithem took part of one of those realist singing shows and got his name out there. He does have a strong voice, unlike many of his peers.

He is living the dream, surrounded by females, enjoying the companies of his friends and doing whatever the hell he wants. But then with that kind of thinking, you will always be alone. I like how the edn of the clip where the credits start rolling, we get to see the artist kicking it with the fans in a New year party which he sang at.

Haitham Al Shomali - Na' W Za' / هيثم الشوملي - نق و زق


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