Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kuwaits On Airplane By Faisal Al Rashid

The young Kuwaiti singer Faisal Al Rashid is releasing a new album, which he titled Tayara or "Airplane" The album will be distributed by Platinum Records, and they are sharing the promo with their bigger audience.  This is a mixed album Gulf music centered for sure. He works with young local talents and together they produce music with a broad local appeal.

I do not follow the young artist and I have not come across many of his songs before or music video, but I hope he enjoys a fan base. He sounds entertaining as his loyalty to the southern Gulf folklore music is hard to overlook. He transitions form romance to classical in a heartbeat. Faisal is a composer by profession who has chosen to sing. Among his repeat customers Ahlam and Rashid Al Majid. Like most regional singers, this Kuwaiti singer works from Dubai.

 Faisal Al Rashed Tayara - Soon| فيصل الراشد طيارة - قريباً


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