Saturday, February 16, 2013

Raed Meqdad: Rich And Mediocre Or Resepcted And Poo

He is Palestinian and he can sing beautifully. And his name is Raed Meqdad. A Palestinian by the way of London. Raed won the title for a singing competition in London back in 1998, then he went on to study music and he knows how to play the lute. A singer by career, and a musician by training is the way to stand out.

He has a pleasant voice that blends some many well-known voices--think Marwan Khoury, Saber El Robaei Abdel Fattah Greiny and Baha Sultna rolled into one person. He made his debut in 2007 with a music video for a song he filmed and directed in Beirut. I think this is a good comfort zone, the album might have landed unnoticed, it doe snot mean that Raed does not have a game. I see a bright future for the young capable star.

Raed followed it up with another single. Until this year when he released his new album with the help of a number of seasoned composers and lyricists including Khalid Nabil and Mostafa Mahfouz.

While there are many romantic songs on the album that I have come to enjoy, I like the pop and dance ones too like "Beidary Ghramou" Raed does have to define his brand, doing different songs helps identify the star, but being all over the map does not help retain a highly distracted audience. He can do pop and he can also do Tarab songs primed for concerts. So he can be cool and hip with average songs, or he can be legendary respected and not rich.    

01. Saaban Alaya
02. Nefsy Arga' Laha
03. Beidary Ghramou
04. Tmaneit Abqa Leek
05. Aktar Men Habib
07. Ana Weyak
08. Kol Hagah

رائد اكتر من حبيبي


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