Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Three Sisters Soup Dana/ Mai / and-Mais Airs On MBC

The Hamdan girls are very talented bunch, together that have excelled in just about every from of entertainment there is to have. Dana, Mai and Mais, sing, act do radio, dance, comedy and host shows. Each of them is talented in a different way, but they can do the same thing and have manged to cultivate a large audience.

This time the three sisters will join forces and appear in a new show "Sisters Soup" which will air on MBC. This is a triple threat for three lovely sisters who are hell bent on entertaining their fans wherever they are. They will use their skills and connections with other stars to lure them into appearing on their show. The hope is to get the star to share some of the intimate details and most private personal traits on the show.

I can see the three sisters ganging up on their guests and having their way. The guests will be tested and put on the spot, the way they react will be very telling. The show will have music, fashion, humor and few other surprises. Their first guest is going to be opinionated pop composer and singer Amr Mostafa.
Sisters' Soup عمرو مصطفي - حصريا في رمضان


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