Friday, February 8, 2013

Elissa, The Street Beggars Favorite Artist

Elaph is out with a news story about a street beggar in Iraq who considers himself the biggest fan for Lebanese romance hit maker Elissa. In a small city southwest of the Iraqi capital that goes by the name Sayed Salah who begs for money on the street.

He takes that money and uses it to buy radios which he uses to listen to Elissa's songs. He also purchases her albums and only asks about her music. People like to tease him about this, so the say the name Elissa. Once he hears the say the name he walks away from them and gives them disapproving looks. Some think he might be jealous. Other have shared that he does not know how she looks, he only likes her voice.

Another interesting thing about Sayed, he goes through many radios, not sure why, but every few weeks he comes back to purchase a new radio. Some link that to him breaking the radios if they do not play his favorite songs by none other than Elissa. Street merchants and cassette sellers, play her songs once they spot him, something pleases the old man.

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