Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Syrian Artists Chose Bashar al-Assad Not Syria

Syrian artists are not doing much to help the revolution in their county--most of them are either supportive of Assad and his regime, and many of them are critical of the revolution at home.

When the revolutions happend in the rest of the Arab world, those singers were always next to the people of those lands, this time around and in their own country, they stand by the regime. Most do it out of fear and out of self interest. A tiny group really like the regime or have benefited from Assad in the past.

Elap did a new reportage on the artists and their stand. Asalah wins the gold as she seems to be the only mainstream Syrian to go off on Assad. Then you get your Raghdah sucking up to Bashar. There's are so names of artists who have been either intimidated or bullied

The ones I really don't like, the ones who say I am with Syria....trying to win everyone. They are not saying anything, just staying in the middle then they will go back and say, I am with this thing or that. Watch this interview.

إنقسام الوسط الفني السوري حول دعم الثورة


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