Thursday, October 27, 2011

Singer Sandy And The Ugly Betty Look

Sandy is a good looking singer by all accounts, some might even call her hot--I think she just shows more. But I have always liked her pop songs, she is the Egyptian best hope for hot singers who can sing. Lebanon has many of those and Egypt cannot be upstaged.

There's a new promo for Sany's new music video, Aiza Aaolak, I want to tell you, it seems like one of those high school love stories where the nerdy girl with the big glasses falls in love with some guy. I like the promo and I think this will bring Sandy back to her roots--light pop with a music video that guys like and lyrics that only girls can relate to.

Update: the video has been released, it's made in the same fashion they make movies about high school in the States. The babes get the jock, and the girl with glasses get dismissed. She lives next door to him and gets to see him up-close and personal. And then comes the prom secnce. Now tell me this, if the guy had your picture in his bedroom would you be frightened? Why does Sandy think it's OK for her to have that picture. As for the cast, I think few of them are Arab looking, which makes the story weirder. The end comes as a surprise....


ساندي- عايزة اقولك - قريبأ sandy aiza aaolak - soon


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