Saturday, October 29, 2011

Amr Diab Epic Fail With This Ugly Song

Ever since this song was released we have been mocking it and we will do so until Amr Diab explains this nasty song about his love for little girls. This is terrible song a king of the size of Amer Diab should not make.

He is talking about taken a picture with his eye for this little girl, then he says I am a good guy, if it weren't so nothing would stop me. Dude, you cannot be talking about a little girls' body this will land you in jail--anywhere. But again Amr Diab is a bit older now, maybe he is looking for someone younger.

Someone with a twisted mind put a slideshow to go with this song--thanks to a tip from a reader of this blog. Again, Amr Diab made an average album in 2011, it does not compare with his old stuff--really it doesn't. But it's made much worse by this ethically socially and cultural offensive song.

سنك يزيد سنتين


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