Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ragheb Alama Golden Hits Are Still Pure Gold

Ragheb Alama was once the biggest and hottest Lebanese singer in Egypt and he did not take that for granted. He made good music and when recorded new songs, he had Egypt on his mind. Then the Gulf took some of his interest. Ragheb is still a big household name in today's music.

He has his own production company and he continues to release a albums--some are great others are just fine. But his magic of the 90s is still relevant today. The guy who was romantic and cool at the same time. He loved the ladies, but he only married one and had a nice happy family with her.

I will let you remember or hear for the first time, some of his finest songs like the youthful Yalla Ya Shabab and the emotional romantic hit Sayedati El Gamela, my fair lady that is.

Yalla Ya Shabab - Ragheb Alama يالا يا شباب - راغب علامة

Sayedti El Gamela - Ragheb Alama سيدتى الجميله - راغب علامة

Farq Kebir - Ragheb Alama فرق كبير - راغب علامة


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