Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lowkey And His Soundtrack To The Struggle

The British Iraqi rapper came to fame by playing on BBC radio and taking part of a number of music festival, but his mixtapes helped shaped his interest and his style. Rap has been his thing since he was 12 years old when he channeled American rappers on his way to finding his own voice and his own stories.

Somewhere on his journey to stardom, Palestine was in his sight and his activism on the issue brought him trouble with the Israeli police who have detained him not once twice. He traveled with others to bring aid to Gaza and that later translated into two collaborations in his work.

Lowkey is not just talk, he also means business, according to KillerHipHop.Com, he outsold rappers like Jay-Z, Eminem on Amazon Download Charts. Also his interviews on a number of media outlets speak volumes of his sharp intellect and political analysis.

Here comes the latest release from this badass rapper who never seizes to break new grounds and earn new fans.

01. Soundtrack To The Struggle
02. Too Much (Ft. Shadia Mansour)
03. Voices Of The Voiceless (Ft. Immortal Technique)
04. Hand On Your Gun
05. Skit 1
06. Terrorist
07. Something Wonderful
08. Dreamers (Ft. Mai Khalil)
09. Skit 2
10. Obama Nation
11. Skit 3
12. Cradle Of Civilisation (Ft. Mai Khalil)
13. Skit 4
14. Blood, Sweat And Tears (Ft. Klashnekoff)
15. Everything I Am
16. Skit 5
17. Long Live Palestine
18. We Will Rise (Ft. Sanasino)
19. My Soul
20. Skit 6
21. The Butterfly Effect (Ft. Adrian)
22. Obama Nation Part 2 (Ft. M1 And Black The Ripper)
23. Dear England (Ft. Mai Khalil)
24. Haunted (Ft. Mai Khalil)
25. Terrorist Part 2 (Ft. Mai Khalil And Crazy Haze)
26. Million Man March (Ft. Mai Khalil)

Word On Road TV Lowkey, Logic & Crazy Haze Freestyle (Heatwaves) [2011]