Monday, December 23, 2013

Mohammed Assaf Fancy Childhood Pants (Funny Picture)

He is the heartthrob of many young and old ladies in the Middle East and around the world, the Arab Idol winner and the Palestinian rocket from Gaza Mohammad Assaf may have a million dollar smile and a billion dollar charisma, but as a little boy, he was as a cute as a button. He looked like a little rascal and it's fair to question his sense of style and wardrobe. but know this, he probably had little say in the matter.

Assaf had shared the picture on his official Facebook, and said "childhood, were the best days, this is my picture when I was three years old in Libya LOL" He showed good humor about the cute picture. Some had to poke fun of his clothes saying "God forgives our families for making us wear weird clothes and later telling us we dressed you in the fanciest wardrobe."

Mohamed Assaf ARAB IDOL 2013



  1. u are amazing assaf every time >>>u are the best

  2. Well said he has a million dollar smile and a billion dollar charisma

  3. assaf is the best ever! he was, is and will always be number one!! he is so cute.. when he is little he is cute, and now he is even more

  4. mohamed asaaaaaaaaf arab aidoool and my best singar