Monday, December 16, 2013

Salah Zadjali Mounitain Dew Song قطر الندى - صــلاح الزدجالي

Salah Zadjali is the only Omani singer to go mainstream, and he remains so to this date. This singer who took the Gulf by storm when he made a killer song--that song traveled beyond the Gulf and came to other Arabs. Salah is not done and he is back with a new single which he titled dew....

Yes, the morning stuff that goes away once the sun makes its presence known. I have to admit this is not his finest songs, he had better songs, but that does not necessarily mean it's not decent. It's a Tarab style which has its fans out there, but I like him in faster-paced songs that glow. this song is made for the local listerns who like poetry.

قطر الندى - صــلاح الزدجالي


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