Sunday, December 1, 2013

"#Gaza Singing For Peace" Trailer Music Against Violence

A group of musicians from Sweden who stand behind the "Music Against Violence" initiative have been visiting in Gaza, organizing  a group of activists and local musicians to put together a song. It seems they have been working and training the group for their new song.

I think for the young people in Gaza who helped out with this project, this means a lot to them, to be out and to heard....this kind of work is one of they limited ways they can channel their frustrations....they really did nothing to be forced to live in an open-air prison...the sponsoring organization is concered with the global youth and this is why they directed their efforts toward them.

The electricity cut off few times while they were working on this project, as you will see toward the end. I commend the artists who came to enter Gaza and work on this noble project....hope one day they too can see Palestinians live in peace....but for starter, one must have peace with oneself.

Gaza Singing for Peace - Trailer


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