Monday, December 23, 2013

WATCH: Welcome Palestine | Palestine Style Never Late Then Never

A Ramallah based studio took almost a year to release a Palestinian version for the popular song from 2012 Gangnam Style. They turned it into Welcome Palestine Style. And they satirized the Ramallah types who run the place and make millions. They also compare them to the locals who got no dime to their name and skip a meal not out of diet but our of necessity.

This is a fun songs with some harsh realities. I like the young people who have assembled this song and got tens of thousands of views. I like how they turned a global hit into a rallying cry for the poor without losing the funny factor. It was put together in 48 hours and in ten days it had reached more than a 100 thousand views  Watch it on YouTube via the link below.

The team behind the song had a sense of humor--only 13 people disliked the song, and we think those are the ministers in the government.

Oppa Palestine Style | Welcome Palestine
Welcome Palestine | Palestine Style


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