Friday, December 6, 2013

See This Video: Gaza Cars - The Epic Split feat. Bsyazlma #Funny

This is Gaza stunt unlike no other! It's funny, but it comes with a purpose....the message is Gaza has no fuel of electricity and thus water is not easy--so the guy does not shower. About a month ago international movie star and martial art guru Van Damme released a truck stunt ad that took the world by storm.

now many have attempted to replicate that stunt, but the kids form Gaza are the one upper, they did it in a funny way that communicates a message about the grim reality that have been placed under. The Bsyazlma Mahmoud Zuiter comedian and star found the one working street in Gaza, and got his group to push the two cars as he meditates and tells jokes about life.

His sense of humor is incredible, but his daring side is what took me by surprise. He even made fun of pop music as he wore that bowtie. It's not his voice, but there were no stunt men, and the used the same music Van Damme used. These are some nice cars too.

Gaza Cars - The Epic Split feat. Bsyazlma Mahmoud Zuiter (Live Test 6)


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