Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Most Popular Iraqi Song In The History Of Mankind

Popular does not have to be average...this is what I learn from having listened and written about this one wonder of a folkloric song from Iraq----the song about palm trees. This is the most celebrated Iraqi song in their history ever. I mean every Arab has memorized this song and know to trace it to the land of the blues Iraq. It's an ancient song and its origins come from the long line of history.

This is a performance for this song by two artists form Iraqi who perform it as a duet. Like all things Iraqi the song has a long tradition and one of the many things that unite the people of Iraq. The first on the record to popularize the song is Iraqi legendary singer Nathem Al Ghazaly.

The story of the song goes something like this, in Baghdad the old homes had two stories and most of the time different families lived on each floor. At one time a single Iraqi man living downstairs spotted a beautiful lady on the window upstairs. He wanted to talk to her, but traditionally this is impossible, so he wrote this song. The song started to mean, upstairs we have a friend, then it developed into above the palm trees...when the locals joined in singing. The young man married that gorgeous lady if you wanted to know how the story went.  

فوك النخل فوك - ديو عراقي مهند محسن وشذى حسون

ناظم الغزالي -فوك النخل


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