Friday, December 13, 2013

Listen: Angham Just Released The Complete Romantic Song "Agmal Makan" #RoznamaRecords

He said he loved her after two days of meeting her, is he naive or is he a romantic? I do not know, but Angham has a song about it, and it might just be the finest song she has released since 2010. This is the Angham that we have loved for more than 30 years. She had a staller career, some of her songs we good but rubbed people the wrong way. Now comes the sure crowd-pleaser.

The song has musical elements from those Algerian Rai songs, but feels like a perfect romance song--the kind women wish they can write upon falling in love with a really perfect guy. There are the vulnerable songs, Angham is the most suitable voice for them, she has also done here a sweet song about as perfect a relationship can get. With her voice and emotions she painted a rosy picture, making love attractive once again.

The song is about the perfect place, but it stars about time with that clicking clock. There is a new player in Egyptian and Arab music production and they care Roznama Records, they have shaken up the music industry with Donya Samer Ghanem, now they are trying again with a beloved diva who needed the extra boost.

The song is so good you might think you'd never listened to a song before. The single is an enticement to break from the expected, and the fun is in exploring seldom-seen tabbed emotional reserve.

Angham you keep on making perfect songs like this song!

انغام | أجمل مكان - Angham | Agmal Makan Roznama Records