Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Over-Rated Dubai Based American Director David Zennie @DavidZennie

So, he goes to clubs and parties, poses with rappers and celebrities, and then goes to the Gulf where he sells himself as a top music video director and why stop there, filmmaker. And now he is selling his talent to any bidder in India. He is a talented self-promoter and has shot to fame when he directed a bubble gum commercial.

Now he directs songs for bubble gum flavor of the month types. He is not terrible, but he is not really worth the money. He has energy, but I do not think his ideas are worth the price tag they come with. Living in Dubai is awesome, and at first I have come to know David through his work with Sandy, the Egyptian pop sensation--he seems to have done all her music video for the past three years.

David Zennie dubs himself is an award winning American filmmaker who has produced and directed over 70 professional productions working on various formats such as 35mm, ARRI ALEXA, and the RED Epic. Currently based out of Dubai, and at just 25 years of age, David is acclaimed to be one of the youngest visionary directors in the region working on productions regionally and abroad in the United States, India, Egypt, Sudan, China, UK, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. He strikes me as someone who grew up watching too much MTV Cribs as he talks this way most of the time.

He is certainly one of these Lebanese-Americans who are known as Walah bro! He talks about this fancy car, and neglects the talents on set. I think David is a nice guy who dreams big, but he should drop the act, and pop stars in Arabia need not to over-sell David-he is American is a plus but it does not mean he has a vision. God knows, I have seen Lebanese directors with more refined visions than in Hollywood.  

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  1. excuze me ur just dissing this successful dude cuz u aint

  2. i agree david is love david is lyfe!!!!!!!!