Tuesday, December 10, 2013

WATCH: Dominque - Battal Fiyeh / دومينيك - بطل فيا @DominiqueHorani

Lebanese entertainer Dominque had lots of ups and downs, but she has a new song and you know what for the first time, she wrote the lyrics for her song. As you would expect from Dominque she is about the sexy and showing off, she is a former model and has a great deal of beauty. It's a fact, sex sells. This is why she gets to fly around the world and film her music videos.

She got some dance moves, but frankly, she does not do as many concerts. I think she can do a fun song very well, like she has done, the dance songs she has mastered and has became known for. This song is about re-branding her as an artist who does romantic songs and delivers a song when heartbroken.
I like that she keeps trying new things, Dominque is a star and this new year, she has already few concerts lines up. She is a exemplary mother too

Dominque - Battal Fiyeh / دومينيك - بطل فيا


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