Thursday, December 12, 2013

This Chick Song Will Make You A Better Man @LatifaOnline @latisol Well Done Latifa

I have waited for this pop song for a really long time, I may have been harsh on Tunisian diva Latifa, bu the soon to release album has enough pop surprises to keep you interested. She already shared one hell of a romantic song "You Are The Best Thing About Me", then comes the followup that clears things up.

A woman can love, but she can also write people off--don't even try. We are not getting back together, she says if July turns cold,we will be back, we are not on the same path....when the sky falls on the earth, you will be reunited. Take note, 2013 is the year Latifa and I bet she will won the new year concert season--this is her coolest album in more than five years.

This is a feisty song, and I love the beat, and I cannot help but shake my head and sing along. It's so well-written, so well mastered and most of all--Latifa owned it. She lived the song and breathed a new life into it. When losers get to taunt winners, I may consider giving you a second chance, goers the song. The song is far away form dull, not one bone of boredom, this is how you should make a funky track. I do not know how Latifa got her groove back, but she did and I am so thrilled to see her back on top.

لطيفة : بالعربي- Latifa: Belarabi