Saturday, December 14, 2013

@AssafSalim Recorded A New Song Vivian Mrad Made It Special! Listen Here

Salim Assaf is one of the better composers and lyricists in Lebanon, he is a doctor who makes very few mistakes, and works only when he feels like it....I have yet to be disappointed in any of his songs. He writes perfect sentimental songs, the kind one plays on his/her head. The kind that makes you wonder where you went wrong! You blame yourself, blame the other person and then blame life.

Salim captures those expressions very well, he works with friends and his strokes on the piano make any given song a hit. The guy has a good voice, this is why he covers some of the songs that become his. The latest perfect song from him was performed by Vivian Mrad, now it's his turn to perform the song he composed and wrote.

The song is about someone who has the misfortune of loving the wrong person, the singer faults himself for not being more careful and rushing to love.

#SalimAssaf- عذاب الحب على البيانو

Viviane Mrad - 3azab El hob 2013 / فيفيان مراد - عذاب الحب


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