Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Download: Latifa - Ahla Haga Fiya | لطيفة - أحلى حاجة فيا Stylish Comeback

If sexy was what Tunisian diva Latifa wanted, then sexy is what she got. The new sexy image, outfit and look has been accomplished by the beautiful comeback for this rare-bread of hit-maker. I honestly wrote her off three years ago, but Latifa has not changed--she had the talent bu good material is what she needed. This is the work of a true pan-Arab songstress, both wings of the Arab world embrace her and enjoy her voice.

She gave us 14 different reasons in her new album "Latifa - Ahla Haga Fiya | لطيفة - أحلى حاجة فيا" to celebrate her triumphant return to the music scene after five years of absence. The album feels like a carefully curated verity album from a lady who knows what works, and knows she can make things work given the availability of great material. This is the last great album of 2013 and 2014's hit album--she manged to release it on the last day of the year in time for all the big concerts around the world.

I love how she sounds, upbeat, spunky, chick, wild and happy. She is a smart entertainer whose absence was missed. Look no further than her cover art to know she is not aging and her sense of style only got better. Now, if you are a young pop star, you will be very afraid--as Latifa has been awesome for almost thirty years.  

Latifa should be very pleased with the album and her hard work. She even marketed it cleverly, by producing by herself, then singing the marketing to Mazzika, she was able to make the album she wanted and get the word out by releasing two songs and one dazzling music video. The word was out and Latifa was back on the hot commodity.

01. Ahla Haga Feya
02. Bil Arabi
03. Maktoobli
04. Ya Hayati Ana Janbk
05. Bnetabel
06. Yeoul Kerehni
07. Ostor Ya Rab
08. Baha Baha
09. Sebha Ala Allah
10. Kol El Nas
11. Ma Bansash
12. Meavwarha
13. Etghayar Alaina
14. Ebed Anni

Latifa - Ahla Haga Fiya | لطيفة - أحلى حاجة فيا


  1. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but ... where is the download to get Latifa's album?

  2. Amazing album <3 the best in the last 10 years ever!