Friday, December 20, 2013

Fayrouz Hearts Hassan Nasrallah, The Leader of Hezbollah Says @ZiadAlRahbani #Lebanon #Hizballah #Rahabani

Saudi media is enraged, they are going in a full-force mode to attack and discredit comments made by celebrated Lebanese musician Ziad Rahban on behalf of his mother legendary Fayrouz. So what did this iconic musician say that made them all mad in the Saudi media? He said, mom mom likes Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah. For many short-sighted Sunni Muslims they find it hard to respect a man who comes form the Shi'ite persuasion. For many within Lebanon, they seem him as the only man who stood tall and defended them when Israeli felt like launching a war.

See, the Saudis won't care much had he said that his mother likes Sharon or Shamir or any other violent Israeli leader. But God forbids she loves a man who fought his entire life on behalf of his people. The Saudi press with their minions inside Lebanon are fabricating crisis out of these comments that frankly in sync with the main street of Arabia. "If those comments are true, then they will take away from Faryouz's music legacy" said some guy in an interview.

I would like to assure everyone, nothing Fayrouz will say or do that will take away from her legacy--she could get away with anything, because for more than fifty years she has brought joy. we have waken up ever morning to her voice, so these people who may disagree with her choices of people she loves, can go suck it. We may disagree with Ziad's comments and politics, but we do not have to restore to personal attacks like this one:

Those who know well know that she loathes + despises her son , as much as she does .

Now Ziad has also said that his mother agrees with Bashar Assad in Syria. This is where I think he may lose some people by those comments. But frankly, there are no other intellect of celebrity in Lebanon who sees it differently. Assad for many is not perfect, but the thugs who are trying to bring an end to him have alienated and scared the hell out of the rest of us.

Now, the Ziad Rahabni's quotes were published on a news-site close to Hezbollah, it's known that Faryouz rarely speak politics, but those comments do not surprise me. Fayrouz broke off from a siege on the city of Beriut few years ago to head to Syria for a concert when politicians were calling to cut all ties with Syria.

Fairouz - Ba3dak 3ala baly ... فيروز - بعدك علي بالي


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