Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mostafa Amar Teases And Pleases For "Ana Metamen" Album! Listen

Mostafa Amar is the kid with a guitar in the 80s, now he has a corporation to run. He is growing older and so are his die-hard fans. He keeps trying to do the new and energizing thing, but it seems to work for a bit, then he disappears again. In my book, he is King Of Arab Pop, but pop is not the only form music. His new album 'Ana Metamen' New album will be in stores! So far we have two tracks

For at least two of the songs, the singer is also the producer and the music arranger, he got the lyrcis and music from local talents in Egypt, took the songs to his studio and with all the time in the world, he worked to perfect each one of the records. He also composed the music for some tracks like "Inta Aref" No doubt this will be a good album for the dancer inside you, Mostafa is a smart entertainer whose skills have kepy his career well-lit for 25 years.

Inta Aref Full Version Here

Shofit Qalby Full Version Here

مصطفى قمر - انت عارف | اجمد كوبلية

سيمبل اغنية مصطفى قمر - شوفت قلبى | من الالبوم القادم


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