Friday, December 6, 2013

Oh, Zeezee Adel Where Have You Gone?

In 2008, a cool cat of pop has emerged with a hot music video that made people compere her to the likes of Beyonce and Shakira. The former contestant on the Star Academy Show, Zeezee Adel stole the show and her album was breeze that I felt was needed.

Five years later, Zeezee Adel is still a household name that has not done much since her smashing album. She did release a song for Egypt more than two years ago and starred on musical adaptions--production was canceled due to the political turmoil. And as it's not obvious  public concerts for thousands of fans are a security nightmare.

In the meantime, here's some footage of one her concerts in Aswan--the thriving city of Tourism, she seems to have been a cool concert. Zeezee Adel has the stage presence and that energy hard to learn. She is one of those female voices that has the entire package and she could form her own empire--fragrances and lines of clothes as her style is all her own.

 Concert Zeezee Adel In Aswan


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