Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Download: البوم مصطفى قمر - انا مطمن Moustafa Amar 2014 Album #Review

It's officially out, the much anticipated album of the self-proclaimed king of pop, Mostafa Amar. I am in love with the album cover art, I adore the colors, the light green blazer, and the orange and Hawaiian blue background. As for the album, I have listened to seven tracks so far, and I am satisfied. Good pop songs that vary in mood and melody. Good energy too, and Mostafa tried to mix things up and make them upbeat. It mostly worked.

Has this album added anything for Mostafa Amar's legacy? I highly doubt that, but it's a really fun album. At times, you may get bored listening to Mostafa trying to dazzle you. Mind you, Amar's music has always pushed him to the top, do not feel this is happening for me this album. "Albi W Elli Hasalo" is the golden track. It's as good as it gets."Ana Metamen" is decent, for a lead song it's not the sharpest. "Howa Grali Eah" is another sweet song will get your hips to shake, I like the way it flows.

"Enta Aref" for those older and younger women who like dreamy slow songs is the one to spin over and over again. "Etneen W Arbaah" is a cheerful love song that allows Mostafa Amar to show off his better self, a happy track."Badhak Awi" the saddest song about a breakup that won't go away, I like most of this song, Mostafa sounds good when he sings softly.  "Had Gheri" a wary song with simple lyrcis, and so for the music, it ain't fresh, but it's actually decent. "Da Kalamoh Talat Terbaao" L love the title, and appreciate the dance portion in the middle, it reminds of Amar's nineties song. "Halla Ghareba" same for this track, it has that Carlos Santana feel, and it puts Amar in his elements.

This album is a solid A minus, but that feels like this is the best one can do given the circumstances in the music industry and the mood in most Arab countries. Mostafa Amar should walk tall, and hank his team for a wonderful album.

01 - Ana Metamen
02 - Albi W Elli Hasalo
03 - Badhak Awi
04 - Fena Men Keda Allah
05 - Lahzet Daaf
06 - Enta Aref
07 - Da Kalamoh Talat Terbaao
08 - Howa Grali Eah
09 - Etneen W Arbaah
10 - Had Gheri
11 - Sebni Aaool
12 - Halla Ghareba

مصطفى قمر - جميع سيمبلات [12 سيمبل] ألبوم - أنا مطمن 2013

Badhak Awi - photo - Moustafa Amar بضحك أوى - صور - مصطفى قمر