Friday, December 27, 2013

Shahinaz Sings For New #Palestine Movie "Turning Point"

Mohammad Nour composed the music, Gamal El Kholy crafted those lyrics and Shahinaz Dia perfected the song with her god-given voice. The former star academy season five has been doing singles, two a year. And she seems to have good friends.

The song is about a past love, it's super hard to forget them. The song is meant for a Palestinian movie about the struggle, resistance, love and the will. The film's title "Turning Point", I have to find out ore about this film, but the song is pretty sweet.

Shahinaz has a grown up voice, mature emotions, and complex narrative....she is young, but in few singles, she has shown that she packs talent, class and success.

P.S. The film is 100 minute long, it tells a story in the seventies, the post production is being done in Cairo. The man behind it is a Palestinian businessman in the Netherlands.
Shahinaz - Howa Elly Hab Hynsa Belsahel / شاهيناز - هوة إلي حب هينسي بالساهل

Palestinian film Turning Point by Saleem Dabbour سليم دبور and Refaat Adi رفعت عادي


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