Sunday, December 29, 2013

Maher Zain Filming His Next Music Video In #Lebanon

This sounds like a Lebanese dance track with religion, a Muslim club music. No, this is just some music to show you the filming of the new music video for Muslim rock star Maher Zain who is filming a music video with a bunch of kids.

Maher's roots come from Lebanon, and this is why he is shooting his next video in the Lebanese city of Sayyda. Over there, he is home among friends and fans. The set for the upcoming music video is about Prophet Mohammad, a man whose life seems to drive Maher Zain and his fans.

The director, and the crew spoke to the camera about the filming. The song will come in two versions one in Arabic and Turkish. I like how they made the set seem like it is in the morning when it was actually night. Cannot wait for this music video, but I think Maher needs to do something major, unlike anything he has done before.

Maher Zain - Muhammad (Pbuh) [Waheshna] - Teaser


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