Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Lebanese Chris Brown and Rihanna Arrive (Video)

Boy likes girl, boy get jealous, boy abducts girl, ties her in the back of his car, the brings her to his place. No, this is not some twist on the Chris Brown and Rihanna. Instead, this is the creative idea of some new music video form Lebanon for the Kim Kardashian equivalent Nourhanne.

The weird thing, after all this guy has personally hand tied her and what's not, Nourhanne still goes back to the guy who placed her in a trunk of a car. At first she ran away, then toward the end of this poor excuse for music video, she returns to his hands. I am sure artists would say this is art. I would say back to them, I amonly glad this music video has not been widely circulated.

Not to mention the emotional abuse. Still the artists who is a female and the director--another female advise women to go back to the man who abuses them. Cure, they are back together singing once again--just like that duet made by Chris Brown and Rihanna. I do not like the message, and hate that the women behind this song did not see the danger of such reckless behavior that promotes domestic violence.

Aside from the strange music video--this song has a cool Greek dance beat.

Nourhanne - Meen Ya Habiby / نورهان - مين يا حبيبي


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