Thursday, December 19, 2013

Listen: Carmen Soliman #Saudi Song #Palestine Concert كارمن سليمان كلام القلب

The Gulf won the bidding war to the voice of Carmen Soliman, whose last two songs were in the local dialect of the gulf. The Arab Idol and winner of first season has not even become twenty years old yet, but she has already win hearts, and minds.

Egyptian Carmen is back with a really unique song, a grownup song, you would expect from someone who is fifty years old not twenty. Tarab songs are not easy to perform, Gulf Tarab songs are even harder, Carmen breezed through another one and made it look like a walk in the park. This song is a cover for Saudi Arabia's most beloved singer the late Talal Madah...Had I not know that, I would think Carmen made this song better.

Enjoy here song, but first know this...

Carmen will be in Palestine for New Year to celebrate with her fans out there.

كارمن سليمان كلام القلب


  1. I'm confused. Isn't this song also on Mohammed Abdo's latest album? It's credited to just "Talal" there. Aren't "Talal" and "Talal Maddah" two separate people?