Friday, December 20, 2013

Songestress Elissa Criticizes #Hezbollah On #Syria, Talkes #Lebanon

Mona Abu Hamza was the host when Elissa stopped by her show in special episode on a Christmas Special. Elissa has re-tweeted an Arabic tweet that read  : "حزب الله يقاتل في سوريا والأبرياء في لبنان يضرسون"، 

"Hezballah is fighting in Syria and the innocent die in Lebanon" following an attack where a number of Lebanese died. Elissa said, "I do not fear losing any of my fans, I am a citizen before I am an artist" "I prefer to give my opinions in politics and lost my fans and not lose my county"  "I will pass away and Lebanon will remain" "I am fully-aware and I meant to send that message, I am not a fool" she said.

"I am against the involvement of Hezballah in Syria" "The people who ate the heart of the Syrian solider are not part of the Syrian opposition" Elissa was referring to the video of some Syrian opposition fighter who took out the heart of one of the people whom he killed and ate it on camera.

"My opinion is among the majority, but these do not dare to speak up, Syria does not need those who fight its war" "Syria occupied Lebanon for 30 years which means they are a strong country" I respect what Elissa has to say her.  I just think, she is not making the right career moves here, because politics change and shifts very rapidly which makes it risky to have on your record. 

Here's what she is  trying to say:

"I am not for Assad, I stand with the opposition, I hate Hezballah, Syria occupied us we should not like them and I am very smart"

Elissa - As3ad Wahda Video Clip / فيديو كليب إليسا - أسعد واحدة


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