Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Listen: مايز البياع – ست البنات – Mayez El Bayaa – Set El Banat

He is older than his peers, he is Mayez El Bayaa and he likes to rock out, in live concerts in studio concerts, and in music videos.  The guy who was a big draw--not that huge, in the nineties makes a comeback with a new song where he sings his heart out for the best woman, the queen among her counterparts.

The song feels like a retro song, it feels like the 80s songs from the heart of Lebanese radio. He has a good fan followship, and I happen to have found him our in the late 90s when I thought he was cool. He may not be hip or trending right now, but he has that charm and sweet voice. He is like a much cooler version of your father.

The ladies in the Arab world and Lebanon find their muse in his music, he knows how to make the feel special--each one of them. It helps that his good looks has kept up with his talent. I love his voice, I compare it to the earlier Ragheb Alama

ست البنات حفلة

ست البنات

كل الكلام -- انت حياتي -- ست البنات -- مايز البياع


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