Monday, December 30, 2013

Arab Idol Carmen Soliman And Salma Rachid Tour Ramallah #Palestine For Concert



A promotion company in the West Bank city of Ramallah in concert with a famous hotel in the city have teamed up to bring the Arab Idol winner of the first season Carmen Soliman from Egypt, and runner-up songstress and Moroccan beauty and Salma Rachid to sing for the New Year party/concert.

Not everyone in Palestine is happy about this, but they agree to welcome the guests who want to show solidarity with the people living under occupation. With that in mind the city of Ramllah is the center of power and business in the occupied territories where they actually have nice things and seek a thriving economy.

The young artists will be headlining a concert, but before then they have been touring the city, and visited the memorial and gravesite of iconic Palestine leader Yasir Arafat. They also took pictures with their fans who ran into them at this location. they also placed wreath at the site and read a prayer for the late Palestinian leader.

Let's not be jerks, if you have issues with the Palestinian Authority, do not take issues with the guests, they were invited. As for the promoting company, make all the money you like, also do not forget about the dozens of Palestinian artists who could benefit from the exposure.

Salma Rachid in Jordan - دق الماني،عالعين موليتين

كليب " كارمن سليمان " كلام كلام | Carmen.Soliman Kalam.Kalam


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