Monday, December 9, 2013

Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, The One Arab NO One Hates

Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is the only leader beloved by his own people, and foreigners alike. He did much to build his country and make it a global icon in the middle of literary nowhere. The people around the UAE took notice. They loved him as he seems to always make things right, and no one has ever sought his help and gone without help.

He was a generous man, he had one simple idea, make the UAE the best....and for that he spared no expenses. He hired the best and attracted them to build one hell of a place. When he was finished everyone wanted to be in his business. His sons continue the dream of their father, they do right by their own people-chase the best deals, and run an open door policy.

This is why so many celebrated the man, so many artists loved him form the heart and not just for the bribes like most leaders use. Zayed was the reason my cousin who grew up in Dubai as a Palestinian and finds no shame declaring her love to this legend. He was kind to us while we were in his country, and they continue to treat people in fairness.

مدحت صالح خليجي عيال زايد (اهداء الي الامارات العربيه الشقيقه )


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