Sunday, December 15, 2013

Exclusive! شيرين - و مين إختار | Sherine - We Meen Ekhtar #New @sherineawahab

Egyptian pop hit-maker Sherine Abdel-Wahab just released a new song off the press, and it's airing in Egyptian radio stations. This is the lead song to get the word out about the promised album form this lady who only makes perfect songs. She can dance and bring out the funk, while making you want to tear and crawl and die.

Her latest song is worth every second, it's a conversion type song with a fresh dance beat, that fits her personality and her new style. Sherine done the elusive track, she combined the hip and upbeat with the Tarab and romance style in seamless perfect harmony. She gets better, and just when we think she has peaked, we go back and say, "we are wrong" because she is so right.

Sherine is wonderful in live concerts, and she is great on records, cannot wait to see what's the rest album going to sound like. She seems to have got all the big names in Egyptian pop to work with her, and she is promising a full-throttle album. Walid Saad composed the music and Toma made the song intersting and fresh. Khalid Taj El Deen wrote the lyrics. "Ana Kitheer", or I am Too Much is the title of that upcoming album.

اغنية شيرين - مين اختار | كاملة | جديد 2014

شيرين - و مين إختار | Sherine - We Meen Ekhtar Sherine Abdel-Wahab


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