Friday, December 27, 2013

#Sexy With Your Clothes On! Yes, See #Lebanese Yara In " Ajik"

When you have a big name in the music industry, when you have a fat bank account, and producers who would green-light any project with your name on it, then you would know your name is Yara. This Lebanese songstress who released a Christmas album last year is also the same lady who makes the Gulf swoon when they hear her sing.

This is the latest hit song from Yara, she is one of the most talented voices in the young pop music scene. She kept to her pledge which is not to rely on her skin and sexy side, but only her voice and emotions. Yara is a pretty smart, she launched her career in Lebanon and poked fun of the fashion singers who think an image is all what it takes without a decent voice. Yara, has been given a capable voice, then she impressed the Egyptian music scene, and finally starting 2008, she found the Gulf and she seems to have never looked back.

The Gulf region was generous to Yara, they gave her security and comfort, and then she unleashed her talent. Local poets and lyricists stood in a line o get her to work with them, she chose the best and worked with the best, and the result was great collaboration that attracted the non-Gulf music listener to tune in. This is yet another reason I like her latest single "Ajik" a romantic song with a catchy melody. A song written by a woman who has given all, and she misplaced her trust. She takes her case to you the listener and song and the music video tell an epic love tale unlike none. Love Is not a shame neither is it a sin.
Yara - Ajik / يارا - اجيك HD


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