Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Very Entertaining Act of Samer Gabro,

The expats from Lebanon like to party, and if they decide to have a dance party, Samer Gabro is on the top of their list. He just had a concert in the Netherlands  He has pretty much performed in half a dozen European capitals, and in Africa as well.

He is a big name in the party circuits. And he knows that, each of his concerts are packed with people who want to dance and drink booze. The Lebanese styled songs of his travel far. This is why he often releases new songs, and takes those songs with him on the road. Most of his songs can be about superficial things, but Samer knows how to make any song a dance feast.

His formula is basic, the Lebanese dance beat, with one hell of passionate love tale about a man whose life will end if he has not gotten the lady he loves. He has this good looking young Arab man who is not short in confidence even if her is not the best looking in the room. Just look how close the camera get to his face in this music video.

Samer Gabro -Weily Mn Hobak / سامر كابرو - ويلي من حبك


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