Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WATCH: Sexy Arabs In This Poolside Video Awell Marra - Mohamed Nour اول مرة - محمد نور

A hunk he is, a pop artist he surely is. Does he look and act like Amr Diab--the king of pop? He sure is. But Mohammed Nour is cool and hot regardless of his inspiration. filmed his most recent video in Lebanon where people are relaxed about their wardrobe.

The new music video is all about the pool, but for a guy who likes to talk about his inner feelings Nour is pretty interesting. I love this guy's voice, I really do. This music video of his makes is rad all over again. This is one hell of a dance song that makes time to talk about love and emotions. Nour is a hit with both the ladies and the lads.

This feels like some club and a lounge, the artist made this video knows these places too well, and the track is upbeat. Nour has made a lot of songs in the past, but this one tops many of them. This muscular singer is the talent to book for beach concerts.

Awell Marra - Mohamed Nour اول مرة - محمد نور


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