Monday, December 30, 2013

Haytham Shaker Sings With His Steller Abs Not Emotions

Have you had this situation where you really like the music and the feel of a song, but HATE what the lyrics are about? Have you ever liked a singer so much, but then you get a new song from him/her and then you are like....did you actually understand the lyrics?

Egyptian romance and blues who got the rhythm too released a single from his upcoming album. And the cover art is pretty much the first mainstream Egyptian pop album where the artist is showing off his sweet abs for any one with eyes. The affects is too loud to tell the real quality of Mr. Shaker's vocal chords.

Again I like the beat and the music, I just  thing it's some stupid idea that guys have, they want to marry someone who will make sacrifices and make sure everything works when the man is playing video games and watching soccer with their buddies--the song wants her to be pretty and carry her weight yet the lyricists did not ask anything for males. Of course he wants to be the first love in this lady's life--sounds familiar?

Haitham Shaker - Ahla Qarar / هيثم شاكر - أحلى قرار


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