Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Naked Egyptian And The Atrocious Attacks On Sara Fasha @SarahFasha @HotArabicMusic

Do Egyptian hate themselves or do they hate Sarah Fasha? She is one of their own who has grew up in the States, the kicker she served in the US Navy and now she is competing in beauty pageants and pursing a career in movies.

Sarah Fasha was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Orange County, California until the age of 18. Both of her parents were born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. Sarah pursued modeling in the Washington D.C. area where she served for sometime in search of an outlet to the everyday lifestyle of the military. It seems a lot of Egyptians are taking notice of Sara and her fame. She is now in Cairo on a visit and has been reconnecting with her roots.

Once she was honorably discharged, she was able to learn the modeling business on her own, creating her own connections and learning to negotiate her own shoots. In the summer of 2012, she competed with many other Egyptian women and won the title of “Miss Egypt 2013” for the Queen of the Universe Pageant take took place in January 2013 in Beverly Hills. However Sara has an East coast presence and her acting career is just getting started.

She did not want to fight with the hate she has received online from the thousands of Egyptians who somehow think she put them and their country to shame. I do not think all of the 90 million Egyptian have to look and act the same way. Diversity is good. Though some of the rage has something to do with Sara serving her other country--US in the navy.

Sara took the high road, and this is not easy when people are vicious, vile and chauvinistic, Egypt is a great place, the mindset (at least the one in public) is riddled with hypocrisy. See this video of Sara breaking in tears in response to such attacks. Look she does not have to love her culture and the land of her parents--she chooses to. Sarah has the right to peruse happiness the way she sees best fit for her. Perhaps the meanest attacks on Sara is the personal one about her look. So much insecurities in you Egypt. Stay positive Sara and do not let the one siting behind their computer screens to get to you--they are too afraid to admit that in private they too root for you.  

Unlike many mainstream Egyptian entertainers, Sara is not going after the prime time children audience like they do in Egyptian made movies that can reach pornographic level. I cannot process all the rage and the personal attacks....

Sarah Fasha Model Reel


  1. youre sick to go on people's pages and call women "sluts". the prophet Muhammed salalahualyhewassalum never called any woman a slut! you are sick in the head and u are mad these "sluts" wouldnt give u the time of da. how dare u degrade women

  2. please may someone send me an arab lady to teach me arab music powerful the arabic music must be hot?

  3. Prophet Muhammad (SWA) never called a woman a slut. He loved women. He used to attack tribes unprovoked. He and the Sahaba killed able men. then raped the women.
    The holy prophet is resting in hell. Here is a Bukhari Hadith:
    Narrated Ibn Muhairiz: I saw Abu Said and asked him about coitus interruptus. Abu Said said, "We went with Allah's Apostle, in the Ghazwa of Barli Al-Mustaliq and we captured some of the 'Arabs as captives, and the long separation from our wives was pressing us hard and we wanted to practice coitus interruptus. We asked Allah's Apostle (whether it was permissible). He said, "It is better for you not to do so. No soul, (that which Allah has) destined to exist, up to the Day of Resurrection, but will definitely come, into existence." (Book #46, Hadith #718)

  4. You lot are crazy i think the issue was that she shouldnt have been permited to represent Egypt because she is an American even though her parents are from Egypt that doesnt make her an Egyptian national. She is an America-Egyptian or American-Arab which ever one is right.

  5. Whatever...she can be Egyptian or American or even Russian in general she just normal; she is not beautiful....what competition can she take part in???with such a simple face with no WOW

  6. I saw her once in Cairo Virgin Mega Store....she was purchasing Carmen Soliman album..,among all those beautiful women there in the mall she was just a simple girl...nothing special...in pics she is nicer than in reality...