Sunday, December 22, 2013

WATCH: Bassima - Dans un Cafe باسمة - بقهوة Cafe Song Like They Do In #Paris

Bassima has a voice worthy of cloud nine if not the heavens. This Lebanese songstress with a dreamy voice does not make much music, every three years or even four she will release a single that will propel her to the top. But then Bassima fades away, it's like she does not want to be a full time entertainer. I do not recall ever seeing her appear on a TV show weather to perform of to talk about her career.

Other songstresses from Lebanon have gone much farther with less talent, Bassims does not work this way. Now she is back with a new song about a cheating lover who meets his victims or accomplices at a local cafe. The song leaves nothing to French songs, not the music not the lyrics. Even the music video has classical elements. "She is not prettier than me, nor is she more loyal than I am" goes the song. "Why do you lie to my face, and tell me you love me?"

The good news, the song finishes with some French lyrics. I am always a fan of Bassima and think if she wants to do more, she should, there's always room for talents of her size.  

VideoClip: Bassima - Dans un Cafe باسمة - بقهوة


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