Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Best Arabic Buddy Song مدحت صالح وشريف منير - اغنية المليونيرات

Medhat Saleh was a singer in a TV show and it was the late eighties. This song came to define a generation of young people who wanted something very cool. And that song gave them cool, funny and charming. A single who enjoys his life--spends when he has, starves when he is broke.

This is living like a high roller, and about being kicked out of restaurants! It was the song about living carefree and not worrying about been taken to jail for not having chance to pay from room service. This is about having a buddy who does not mind getting in trouble as long as both of you guys are tuck together.

Medhat Saleh was so young, and so was the actor Sherif Mounir. Luckily, they are still around enriching the entertainment industry. I can tell you this, I learned one thing from this song and it has become my motto in life--I befriend all people the broke-ass and the fitly rich.   

مدحت صالح وشريف منير - اغنية المليونيرات


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