Monday, December 9, 2013

Download: Haytham Shaker 2013 Album سيمبلات البوم هيثم شاكر - احلى قرار

I wish he made more music, but he does not. I am not sure why doesn't pop star Haytham Shaker does not record more songs, he is really good and his voice is just delightful to hear. He has two albums already and a third is on the way--the promo is below. These three albums have been released in more than ten years.

The upcoming album is title the sweetest-best decision. This will be a very pleasant and manly album from an artist with an old soul and grip of what's cool. He may not make a lot of albums, but he is connected and his friends refer to him when they make their own album.

Haytham Shaker New Album Promo Soon - V.02 / برومو البوم هيثم شاكر - قريبا من ميلودى ميوزك Melody

سيمبلات البوم هيثم شاكر - احلى قرار 2013 - جامد اوى

سيمبلات البوم هيثم شاكر - احلى قرار | رووووعة


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