Saturday, December 14, 2013

Nicole Saba, Hassan, And Abdel Basset Trio Soft Song Song For Soft Drinks

A soft drink company looked and found a hot babe from Lebanon (loved in Egypt), and found their fat and popular with the street types guy, then they got the hip producer with the name recognition and asked them to make a song for them.

The song came out and very few people thought much of it, it was a hit for a week and then it was gone. It was menat to help that brand in that hot Egyptian summer win that cool brand. I call it the random song put together by Hassan El Shafei--from Arab Idol. And the song landed....was it cool? Don't think so, but mixing tow stars who would never be seen together was worth a shot.

tTe song was about how nothing is impossible, it felt flat and failed to inspire.

كواليس "مفيش مستحيل" - حسن الشافعي و نيكول سابا و عبد الباسط حمودة

مفيش مستحيل - حسن الشافعي ونيكول سابا وعبد الباسط حموده


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