Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas From Elissa And Her Dog #Santa

Elissa, the romantic Lebanese gem shared some pictures of her Christmas at home with her brother Kameel, his wife, and their little girl Ayya. And off course Elissa has a puppy and she named her "Lady". It seems that Elissa had a festive holiday in this time of the year. The sad reality, two days ago she was speaking out of concern on the Syrian and Lebanese victims.

Her Facebook page has this message...

Christmas is a time to celebrate love, forgive and forget. In this holly night I'd like to take a moment and wish each and everyone of you a warm and loving night with all your beloved ones, and thank you for your eternal support, I'm blessed because of you.

Elissa is playing Ms. Santa at home, and I have no doubt Elissa is a good gift giver. I know a lot of people give Elissa a hard time for not having her own family, but she says she is happy and that what matters. She will be in Ritz Carlton Dubai for a new year concert.

Elissa - Saat / إليسا - ساعات


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