Sunday, December 1, 2013

Listen, Hit Birthday Song هاني متواسي – أحلى الليالي – Hani Motawasi – Ahla El Layali

This is a song made for a kid channel by a guy who will make you swoon. Hani Motawasi recorded it and it got a life of its own. Hani is form Jordan and he has a solid song that has the word classic written all over it.

It's a December surprise, and I love every second of this song. Recorded in between Jordan and Turkey. Hani sounds like a loving father who thinks the world of his little one.The professional work paid divined and the artist, his team and the kid network loved the results. This is a fun upbeat song that brings the young and old together in joy.

Throw away your old birthday song, there's a new kid in town and he has a song for you. Seriously, I hope you enjoy this song,  know the thrill of a new classic never gets old for me.

هاني متواسي - أحلى الليالي - 2013


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