Monday, December 2, 2013

Listen: ربيع الأسمر – يا ظالم – Rabih El Asmar – Ya Zalem The Voice To United #Syria

It's really hard to get three Syrian to agree on the same thing now. Politics and mayhem have drive them apart as a people. I like to think that talented blues singer Rabih El Asmar is one of these voices that can bring people together. Rabih is one of the folksy style singers, the Sha'abi style from the heart of Syria. He is part of a group of ten other singers who have made this genre popular in Syria and outside of its borders.

To the best of my knowledge, Rabih has yet to release an album, but somehow every single he releases it travels the world. His voice is meant to make you break in tears and look back at the emotional misery you have either lived or witnessed. He is a proud voice, you know he is sad, heart-broken but also able to make things right.

I love the music of his new single "Ya Zalem" love the meaningful lyrics and overall this is a song that reflects great choices.

Rabih el Asmar Ya Zalem ربيع الأسمر يا ظالم

Rabih El Asmar - Ya Zalem 2013 / ربيع الأسمر - يا ظالم


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